Promotional compilation from the original
project published by Laboratorio Arte Alameda DVD
1 (not for sale) curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide and
Israel Martinez
Selected tracks and edited for ar039
by Julian Bonequi

Each track in this document has the credit of the artists

We want to give special thanks to Manuel Rocha Iturbide for his
support, and all the artists involved

Picture from China I by Roberto Arcaute. Design by
Aniana Heras

This is the second volume with Experimental & Electronic Music in Mexico… We included works by Julio Clavijo, Israel Martínez, Guillermo Galindo, Rogelio Sosa, Roberto Arcaute, Juan Jose Rivas, Iván Naranjo, Ricardo Giraldo, Piscis, Juan Felipe Waller, Javier Alvarez, Ensamble Aspero, Jorge Reyes (1952-2009) & Peter Avar, Wilfrido Terrazas, Germán Bringas & Julio Clavijo, La Orquesta Silenciosa, Decibel, Amniosis, Grupo Quanta, Alejandro Morse, Julio Estrada, Fernando Vigueras, Remi Alvarez, Los Lichis & Eduardo Langagne.

Many of the selected tracks are excerpts from the original compilations, also not all the artists were included here in this two volumes of Mexico.

If you are interested in hear the complete compositions and the complete collection please visit ARTE SONORO


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