Clifford Torus-Recorded at Candyland studio3, Berlin


Anders Hana (MoHa!, Ultralyd, …)& Leon Barnett ( aka Horacio Pollard)

“We prefer not to describe our music, our intentions, our motives, etc. But rather let the music speak for itself, we wouldn’t know what to say and would not achieve anything from it.”
These tracks were recorded over a 3 month period early 2011 onto tape. Drums are contact mic’d up and sent through effects and amps, likewise guitars and vocals.
Incidentally, this material is part of an album that is needing a label to release.

Anyone interested please contact


Berlin 09/08/2011


Horacio Pollard
Bonus Tracks 5-6

Leon Barnett (UK) aka Horacio Pollard, “is a noise musician currently living in Berlin. His live shows are intense and spontaneous, often using just just a mic and a large guitar amp.
He has toured extensively around Europe. Asia & S. America, Australia with such as people like Alan Courtis, DJ Scotch Egg, Danny o’Really, MoHa! Marousa, Ove Naxx to name a few.
He has released a handful of stuff on various labels including his own label neigh%music.”


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