Kirill Platonkin – Repose


There is no general concept for this album – it is a collection of different stories and moods in the range from dark to light. Field recordings were made during business trips, walks and observations. The main goal of “Repose” is to bring the consciousness closer to serenity and lucidity. It is an attempt to produce insight.

Download Full Album:

dw076 – Kirill Platonkin – Repose (94.2 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 – Sergius Of Radonezh (9.76 MB)
Track 02 – Flowers Cracking The Pavement (10.3 MB)
Track 03 – In The Corner Of My Memory (7.72 MB)
Track 04 – Dr. Hofmann’s Bicycle Ride (4.23 MB)
Track 05 – Confluence Of Worlds (11.4 MB)
Track 06 – The Rise Of Polaris (11.3 MB)
Track 07 – On The Iron Path (4.40 MB)
Track 08 – Railway Dreamings (7.75 MB)
Track 09 – Struggling Forward Through The Snowstorm (8.56 MB)
Track 10 – Victory Day (6.90 MB)
Track 11 – Repose (10.2 MB)
Track 12 – Obscure Fluxion (4.46 MB)

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