Glenn Ryszko · Soundwalk


“Soundwalk was recorded on February 4th 2009.  At that time I was a student at the Academy of Visual Art & Design Maastricht and used this recording for a project I was working on. Soundwalk was recorded in the centre of my town of birth, Heerlen, and during a train trip from Maastricht to Heerlen. You will hear people talking, cars passing by, funny accents, a train passing by, gossiping girls, the Pancratius church bells ringing, water dripping and a lot more. I used the small handheld Zoom H2 recorder using all 4 microphones, high mic gain and the recording volume on 80. This recording device is very handy for travelers. Because of its small size it fits easily in your pocket, which provokes recording spontaneously. These recordings (10 in total) are put together to create one piece. No further arrangements have been done to keep the recordings as pure as possible.

How will you listen to these recordings? Maybe you don’t understand the Dutch language, which will therefore result in a different way of listening. Or maybe you do understand the language but you will notice the different accent people have in the south. Maybe some scenes will remind you of places in your own area. Or not. Maybe all of it is a totally new experience.

Sound is visual. When I listen to sound, whether these are field recordings, environmental sounds, abstract soundscapes or just an ordinary pop album, I always have images popping up in my mind. A collection of memories. Our brains seem to recollect memories each time our senses are activated. We internalize what we hear or see

To record sounds outside and listen to them at home is a truly magical thing to do. Other than time capturers like video or photo cameras, you have no concrete images. Just sound. It can create a feeling of timelessness and gives opportunities to have a closer listen.”

Glenn Ryszko

All sounds recorded by Glenn Ryszko
Artwork by Marcus Kuerten
Photo by Glenn Ryszko

DOWNLOAD Soundwalk by Glenn Ryszko including one track, artwork and release info

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