Perimeter – Perceiving The Invisible

After releasing his debut album “Beyond the Perimeter” on Dark Duck Records in 2009, Andre Buter (aka Perimeter) has delivered his second album on “Perceiving The Invisible”. The poem that follows accompanies the album.

The times I felt suspended in motion
Like I was in cryo-stasis
Those times tell tales of sorrow
And of unspoken sadness and endless pondering

Hear This…

Times I spent among the sin eaters
Everyone has felt that way some time
Eating sins of others
Only to find nothing contained therein

The times I felt myself fading from existence
Were remarkable in their blackness and
Absence of feeling as the continuing echoes
of words left unspoken

The time has come to approach myself
To deepen my bond with the universe
I let myself fall from a non-existing cliff
To Fall into the sea and go down the trench

And then, with the eyes closed
Perceiving the Invisible

Download Full Album:

dw071 – Perimeter – Perceiving The Invisible (90 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 – Cryo-Stasis (29.6 MB)
Track 02 – Sin-Eaters (21.1 MB)
Track 03 – Fading From Existence (17.1 MB)
Track 04 – Down The Trench (22.4 MB)

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/27/2011.

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