Woda · Arszyn


No doubt; water is one of the most precious resources we can find: Life on earth is based on water and most of the species are dependent on the molecule H20. Nowadays actually 1 billion people have to suffer from an inappropriate access to drinking water! The constant environmental changes (caused by human beings) result in polluted landscapes where water is lethal; or it even vanishes completely due to a growing desertification. We don’t only see this effect in the Third World, but also in rich industrial countries.

The importance of water as a life granting element and the free access to it fascinated Arszyn to deliver ‘Woda’; a 23 minutes-long collage of falling water and waves, which he recorded at different locations in the city of Gdansk (Poland) between 2004 and 2009. Water is an awesome musical matter to Arszyn. His ‘Woda’ presents water as a wall of sound. ‘And it also generates an awfully rich colour palette, hums or rhythmical sequences at the same time’, he says.

‘Woda’ has been edited, composed and produced by Arszyn from July to August 2009.

DOWNLOAD Woda by Arszyn including one track, artwork and release info

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