Son Clair · From the Bridge


‘From the Bridge is an audio-montage of sounds recorded from the same location over an 18 hour period. Opening with the singular, sparse sounds of early morning traffic, the composition builds in layers of increasingly dense texture and intensity as the midway point – of midday, and then rush-hour – is approached. After the climax is reached, the level of sound abates, and concludes with the distant, mellow hum of the evening. To create the work, over 6 hours of footage was recorded at different times of day from a footbridge above a motorway on the outskirts of London, and then edited together in layers on a sequencer to form a single 15 minute long piece. As a whole, the piece is intended to represent an ‘audio time-lapse’ of sound from a single day, in a single place. The audio material was recorded on 4 separate mono channels and mixed in surround sound for optimum spatial representation.’

Thom Carter (Son Clair), London,14th July 2009

Review @ noCo…mment

Review @ Beats Play Free


DOWNLAD From the Bridge by Son Clair

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