theAudiologist – Nonimanic



00 – Broken Dreamtracts [1:04]
01 – Minimum Headspace [3:41]
02 – Rohevan Hypnotic Technique [4:36]
03 – Twilight Headspace [3:23]
04 – My Son Screams [0:50]
05 – Phrigstabbarely [4:21]
06 – Boolean 10a3 [4:53]

All tracks are remixes comprising of samples from various Nonima tracks listed below.

00 broken dreamtracts

//samples from “daydream” and “headspaces” by Nonima

01 minimum headspace

//samples from “headspaces”, “roheva” and “minimalist //frigstabs” by Nonima

02 rohevan hypnotic technique

//samples from “hypnotic discord” and “roheva” by Nonima

03 twilight headspace

//samples from “twilight”, “minimalist frigstabs”, “encompass” //and “headspaces” by Nonima

04 my son screams

//samples from “sun scream” by Nonima

05 phrigstabbbarely

//samples from “minimalist frigstabs”, “roheva” and //”headspaces” by Nonima

06 boolean 10a3

//samples from “twilight” and “encompass”, “minimalist //frigstabs” and “roheva” by Nonima


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/28/2011.

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