Bartek Kawula | Glass


basic_sounds netlabel partner and producer Bartek Kawula delivers his second release Glass, celebrating the first anniversary of the label. Bartek and I have been friends since 2004 and have always shared a common passion for music and design. Combining our skills, we created basic_sounds to be a platform for sharing the artists we love while providing them with an opportunity to gain the exposure they deserve.

With a greater focus on live sampling, Kawula arranges subtly complex minimal house numbers with infectious melodies ideal for both club consumption and headphone listening. The opening title track is a grooving house stomper combining organic percussion sounds, floating synths, electric melody and suspenseful vocal chops. Changes is a deep Chicago inspired house track with gradually building percussion layers, light synth melodies and husky male vocal samples. Open Out closes the release with some dark and raw banging techno that playfully evolves into a drifting house track incorporating sultry heavy breath sounds and hypnotic keyboard rhythms. Glass showcases Kawula’s unique take on classic minimal house structures.

Lossless files are available here:

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