Jack Hertz – Alpha Syntauri


Ethereal Live is happy to announce our fourth installment on the netlabel with our friend Jack Hertz. Jack is a long time electronic and ambient musician from the San Francisco Bay area that has been making music in these genres since the 1980’s. Jack is a prolific recording and performing artist, owner and operator of SynthMe blog, and host of theinternet radio show, “Time Drone”.

We are quite pleased to release Jack’s “Alpha Syntauri” at Ethereal Live. This marks our first planeterium gig to be archived on the netlabel. Even more notable, Jack played this set 20 years ago, but the music does not suffer from the long shelf life of this recording. Jack performed this concert at the Montgomery College Planetarium in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 25, 1991. Alpha Syntauri is quite a blend of sounds, and easily could have just been recorded just yesterday. For this album, Jack used a Yamaha DX7IIFD with E! and Lexicon LXP5 and recorded live directly to DAT.

Listeners should expect to hear elements of ambient soundscapes, space music, drone, and experimental sounds throughout this release. “Alpha Syntauri” tends to modulate between the introspective and meditative to engaging experimental etherealism quite effortlessly, where the listener may not even perceive the changes if not paying full attention. Jack does a superb job of taking the listener on a voyage to our nearest binary star, with lots of interesting and exploratory detours along the way. A must for any space fan.

Jack Hertz “Alpha Centauri” is released under a Creative Commons license to download and listen freely. CC BY/NC/ND

Artist: Jack Hertz
Title: Alpha Syntauri
Track 1: Capella
Track 2: Alpha Syntauri
Track 3: Miranda
Track 4: Antares
Track 5: Eridanus


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