Mystified – Revenge of Plunderman


Plunderman strikes again, this time with a set of Moog-flavored grooves with a worldly perspective.

“Revenge Of Plunderman” completes the trilogy which started with “Adventures Of Plunderman” and continued with “Return of Plunderman.”

Plunderman continues his quest for the perfectly eccentric loop with some ancient Moog melodies ripped from vinyl. Being somewhat twisted, he has transformed these vinyl loops into world-beat songs. “Revenge Of Plunderman” feels both retro and futuristic, hearkening to antique sounds and looking forward to an era of global unity.

Produced in 2011 by Thomas Park.

Track List:
01 Plunderman 11 [03:42]
02 Plunderman 12 [04:53]
03 Plunderman 13 [04:05]
04 Plunderman 14 [03:50]
05 Plunderman 15 [04:55]

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~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 09/07/2011.

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