Reconstructing Richard – All In A Hard Knight’s Day


Half old industrial tracker beats, half power-electronics screaming with drones, half four-tracked guitar noise. There’s a dash of macintosh vocals and notated noise in there as well.


This album is the earliest incarnation of Minneapolis’s notorious noise group COLON PIPE. Spending long, messy hours in basements with trackers and four tracks were the kids who grew up to be CRNKDRTHY, JONKIE, DEATH 2 AMERICA, and STARPAUSE. Other friends were pitching in here and there, but no one can remember who did what.

STARPAUSE later adopted the RECONSTRUCTING RICHARD pseudonym for his pure CHIP recordings which were released by KIKAPU and FLOPPY SWOP. The IDM sounds of these recordings lead people to believe that RECONSTRUCTING RICHARD was a joke about making lofi versions of RICHARD D JAMES albums. However, the project was initially started to re-create the life of STARPAUSE’S delinquent, abusive, thieving uncle.

All In A Hard Knight’s Day tells the story of one day in RICHARD’S life. The less-than-clever album title has been used by numerous other people for completely unrelated things like pornography.

Album notes:

Reconstructing Richard is:

jourd – voice, electronics/tracking
tracie – voice, tracking, guitar

with help from:

repugnant (for voice on track 3)
jon (ambience on track 1)
some jerk (voice and bass on track 12)

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 09/15/2011.

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