Blue Hell – Prayer Machine


Track 1: Prayer Machine (1:48:35)
Track 2: Prayer Machine (radio edit 15:00)

Ethereal Live is proud to announce the sixth release in the series with our good friend and longtime collaborator, Blue Hell. Many in the Nord G2 community know Blue Hell as one of the world’s masters of the instrument, both aesthically and technically. He is also the adminstrator of the official Nord G2 forum at Apart from his talented enigmatic musicial works, he is also a gifted computer programmer. This is likely why the Nord modular G2 works so flawlessly in his hands.

Blue Hell has been making experimental, ambient, electronic, and electro-acoustic music for several decades and is an avid live performer, mostly through streaming internet performances. He uses the Nord G2 digital modular gear to create generative soundscapes that he then lightly interacts with by often adding other instruments or changing the parameters of the generative noodles in real time. For this performance, Blue Hell used three Nord G2 machines, all interacting with each other and modulating over time in conjunction with his own sounds and settings.

This set was recorded live by Shane Morris via the internet on December 21st, 2009 at This recording is exactly what the streaming audience heard with no changes or additions to the audio except for normalization of the recording.

Encompassing ambient, drone, experimental, and minimal styles, “Prayer Machine” floats over the listener like a cool autumn breeze. “Prayer Machine” will put the listener into a trance within just moments of hitting play, but not too deeply so that most of your cognitive functions are still intact. This is a beautifully contemplative album for relaxing, meditating, reading, sleeping, or just about any activity. Characterized by it’s soft and smooth sounds that bounce around the aural spectrum, this live set shows true mastery of subtle dynamics and tonality not always seen in long-form ambient or electronic music. Clocking in at 1:48:35, this is truly an immersive long-form release to loose yourself in.

Ethereal Live is proud to release [EL006] Blue Hell – Prayer Machine as a free download. Unfortunately, this set is only available in 128k mp3, as that was how it was streamed and recorded. However, despite this limitation, I think you will find the audio quality to be quite good and well worthy of listening.

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