Crystal Dreams- Complex Silence 19


“The construction of Complex Silence 19 was very much a subconscious process for me. Usually I start a new project with a specific theme in mind. Not this time. Time was short and I had to get down to business. In the end though it was actually quite liberating to just start up my laptop and just let things unfold. Come what may. These two tracks are the result.

Exactly what my mind was up to on those days back in July 2011 I’m not really sure. I recommend that you think of these pieces as sonic abstract paintings with which the listener is free to make their own interpretation. Hence the generic names “One” and “Two”. Play these tracks in whatever part of your life it feels right to do so. Let them stray every which way and, regardless of what you encounter, may you have a pleasant journey.”

For more information about Joel Sutton and his Crystal Dreams releases, visit

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 09/22/2011.

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