Serial Industrie-L’Enfer



1. Premier Palier
2. Second Palier
3. Troisiéme Palier
4. Quatriéme Palier

About the artist

The project of young French artist Ferdinand Legendre, Serial Industrie began in 2005 and, as a project, hasn’t stopped evolving. Since its inception the goal remains to illustrate a Nature coupled with recurring industrial vibrations, a Cyber-Green universe as it has been described by some.

About this release

Over a year in the making, “L’Enfer” is the debut release of Serial Industrie and follows live performances at Noxious Arts festival, Fête de la Musique Electro-Industrielle and others.


All tracks originally written and produced by Ferdinand Legendre.
Voices on track 1, 2 and 4 by Maria de Lurdes; synthetic violin in track 4 by Mickael Mergui.
Mastered by J. Oliveira (
Artwork by Daphné Boghossian

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