Numb Silence – On The Ruins Of That Used To Be There… I’ve Found A Garbage


New work by Numb Silence is still going on developing his manner of composing static drone ambient pieces. This time muffled drones and industrial pulsing beats make background for religious Orthodox chants.
One long track which name consists of used samples’ titles creates intense and gloomy atmosphere of despair and fatalism.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 09/24/2011.

6 Responses to “Numb Silence – On The Ruins Of That Used To Be There… I’ve Found A Garbage”

  1. Hi, my name is Jorge and I recently published on Zeronoize netlabel an EP entitled “Ad nutum” with the pseudonym of Satisfacción Lab, the style could be described as a cross between musique concrete, noise, tape music and dark psychedelia. If you want, you can download, listen it and if you are convinced, it would be great to be on your blog.

    Thank you very much!!!

    • Archie Shepp is a legend. I have some other uploads on other blogs, I am not sure specifically on which ones. I have quite a few albums as well and need to upload them to mp3 format. The problem is alot of jazz recordings are under copyright and the DMCA will flag them. I had a blog on blogspot taken down for posting alot of the older 1960-70’s classics.

  2. Missing your posts terribly…hope all is okay

    • I really appreciate that. I will probably start up again here in the new year, when I can actually purchase this domain and see what happens. I still am posting material on the blogs in the links and on tumblr as well. It’s good to know that someone is following, so thank you kindly.

  3. Thanks for all the mind blowing great noise punk and drone and all other types of music you turned me onto… cool must be your middle name.

  4. man, awesome blog. so much great ambient stuff, very happy i stumbled upon it. i don’t see your contact info on the side, but i just made an ambient split cassette with a friend of mine which you can check out here: if you want any more info i’m at neatlyknotted (at) gmail (dot) com. thanks again, look forward to more. best, ben.

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